Content Writing and Editing

Business Writing

You might need a few paragraphs of high-impact text for your startup’s first brochure, or a readable (and even fun!) help manual for an app or gadget you’re creating. Especially for small businesses, finding someone to do this in-house can be a stressful, kludgy solution. That’s where I come in!

Book Writing

Do you have a story or memoir that is calling you to write it? Is writing nevertheless not your strong suit? Then you may be looking for a co-author. I love helping people get their stories into print!

Substantive/Developmental Editing

This is a deep level of editing that will give you feedback on the structure, flow, and logic of your content. For example, you might be writing a detailed article on a complex topic. Substantive editing can give you feedback on how to arrange your sections, whether your transitions are smooth and effective, and whether you are explaining the topic clearly.

Generally I would recommend that after your substantive edits, we go through a round of copy editing (see next).

Copy Editing

This is “mid-level” editing, and covers checking your content for any errors in grammar, syntax, spelling, word use, and so on.


This is the least intensive kind of editing, and is just a final check for typographical errors, formatting inconsistencies, etc.

While I hope this list is helpful, I understand that your project is unique and may not fit neatly into a category. I’m happy to answer your questions about what is the best fit or blend of services for you!

If you’ve made it this far, you are probably wondering about pricing. Every project has its unique attributes, so I quote each one individually. Feel free to contact me for a quote.